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Our Customer Support Experience Platform goes live!

Pentagon Solutions is happy to announce that we have invested in a new online support system!

What does this mean? In short, our support will be even better!  

This new online system will provide you with more control - from creating and checking your tickets to accessing useful 'how to' links. Yes, you can still use the telephone but you can now track your ticket’s progress, access previous cases, and see which member of our support team is handling it. It's our way of enhancing your customer experience and ensuring you receive the best support when you need it. 

Start using the system today by visiting the portal. 

Why choose Pentagon Support?

We offer comprehensive software support, system support, and various installation services to protect your initial software investment. Because Pentagon support staff are qualified in all areas of “potential” issues we can get to the heart of the problem quickly without major upset to your business. Our support knowledge base is probably the largest in the UK & Ireland for CAD and technology related products. We don’t focus on the application alone, we help you solve the issue, whatever area it relates to and then to put in place the correct procedures to make sure the issue doesn’t recur.