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Institution of Civil Engineers BIM Announcement

Notification for the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Northern Ireland Government construction contracts

Institution of Civil Engineers BIM Announcement:

From 1 April 2016, all appropriate construction projects which are procured by a Centre of Procurement Expertise (CoPE) and which have a value above the EU Thresholds for construction works (currently £4.3m approx), will be delivered to BIM Level 2. The implementation of BIM Level 2 has the potential to generate efficiency savings in Government’s construction projects.

Main Contractors, subcontractors and construction consultants, interested in working on Government construction contracts are reminded of the Northern Ireland BIM policy requirement detailed above. It is anticipated that the delivery of Government construction projects to BIM Level 2 will become a contractual requirement for main contractors, subcontractors and construction consultants from 1 April 20161.

Therefore main contractors, subcontractors and construction consultants interested in bidding for future Government construction contracts should act now to:

  • Adopt BIM Level 2 work practices within their organisations;
  • Develop training for their staff in the use of BIM authoring software;
  • Implement the methodology for delivery of projects to BIM Level 2 maturity in accordance with the Publicly Available Specifications (PAS)1192 series; and
  • Promote collaborative working practices within their design and supply teams.

For further information about these requirements, download the flyer.

Further information regarding BIM is available from the BIM Task Group website:


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