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NI BIM Conference 2016

Pentagon BIM Consultants attend this year's biggest BIM event in Northern Ireland.

The NI BIM 2016 conference was fittingly held at one of Belfast's greatest landmarks the Titanic building & was a celebration of the digital age with our advancement towards smart cities & the spotlight shining most brightly on BIM in Northern Ireland. The event brought together 400+ individuals who procure, design, build and maintain construction assets, looking at BIM today & beyond, sharing industry experience & learning. 

Our BIM director, David Gawley, alongside Queens University Belfast & Ostick+Williams, covered BIM implementation into operation/FM providing some insight into EIRs, PLQs, OIRs, data drop requirements, etc. Recurring themes throughout the event touched on developing technologies within construction such as point cloud data, lazer scanning, drone/UAVs, generative design, but overall the message on everyone's lips was one of collaboration throughout the built environment.

Pentagon BIM Consultants have a wealth of experience in the UK & Ireland, helping companies across the full Supply Chain progress their own unique BIM journey. Here's some of the Virtual Construction/BIM Services we provide: