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Meet our new BIM and FM Asset Integration Consultant

Pentagon hire a new BIM and FM Asset integration Consultant to focus on this key growth area within the built environment sector.

Pentagon specialise in BIM services throughout a number of sectors, including the built environment. In conjunction with Queen’s University (KTP Scheme, Belfast) we have recruited Malak Abdelmoaty to work in Pentagon to lead the Research & Development team in BIM & FM digital Integration.  This will lead to a framework and toolkit to support facilities management in BIM. Malak, who has recently finished a masters degree in construction and project management at Queen's University with a distinction, will work closely with our experienced BIM Consultancy Director David Gawley.

The team of experienced BIM implementers at Pentagon BIM Consultancy can act as a single source, across the full Supply Chain, for your Virtual Construction/BIM needs in the UK & Ireland, providing the following Virtual Construction/BIM Services:

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