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Introducing AutoCAD Mobile App

New to AutoCAD 2018!

Introducing a powerful mobile app for CADAutodesk® AutoCAD® mobile appwhich gives you essential tools for on-the-go work.

Be more productive by easily viewing, creating, editing, and sharing CAD drawings on your tablet or smartphoneno need to bring printed drawings to job sites or client visits.Access your DWG files from many cloud storage services. View every aspect of your drawings, measure accurately, red line, add comments, make changes, and even create new drawings on the fly. Your updates are easily shared with team members and integrates with AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT® on your desktop improving collaboration,accelerating project timelines, and avoiding costly mistakes. 

Top features include:

Work offline - With offline support, you can work without an Internet connection and then sync your changes when you’re back online.

Draw with the Smart Pen Tool - Draw lines, polylines, and circles or sketch freely using the Smart Pen tool, which automatically recognizes the shapes you’re drawing to save you time.

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