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We are sponsoring this years ICE G&S Conference

Engineering Innovation is the theme for this year’s Graduate and Student conference, being held in Riddel Hall, Stranmillis Road, Belfast.

ICE Logo

There are a series of presentations throughout the day on topics such as a range of sustainable low embodied CO2 geopolymer products for the construction industry. Work on the Abercorn Bridge which is a significant six span reinforced concrete structure carrying the B46 road over the Strule River. As well as a presentation on the innovative approach taken to procure the A6 road scheme. All of them showing ways in which civil engineers are pushing the boundaries in a variety of sectors, including cement production, asset management, procurement and community engagement.

Pentagon are delighted to be involved and our thanks go to Ken Anderson from Golder Associates UK (Ltd) for the invitation. Richard Kirk, Regional Director ICE NI.