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Extend the value of the AEC Collection

Extend the value of Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection subscription through collaboration with BIM 360 TEAM.

Great news! The offer, that could help your business accelerate decision making and collaboration, is back until 21st April 2017!

Get 3 BIM 360 team subscriptions when you subscribe to Autodesk AEC Collection*
Does your team need to:
  • Centralise project information?
  • Make team decisions faster?
  • Track project activity?
  • Manage different file types?
  • Access files on any device? 
Then you would benefit from BIM 360™ Team - a cloud-based collaboration tool that lets architects, engineers, and project stakeholders work together in one central workspace, using a web browser or mobile device.
Autodesk AEC Collection

Allows you access to a large range of design software for building and civil infrastructure projects.

  • Flexibility to ramp up and down in line with project demand
  • Collaborate with your supply chain and perform clash detection
  • Combine road design and alternatives with structures, site access, logistics and scheduling
  • Aggregate all of your data streams and show powerful visuals to customers

See the products included in AEC Industry Collection

Autodesk® BIM 360™ TEAM

Allows you to connect with project teams and co-ordinate multiple design files and extend BIM access. A secure cloud-based platform for design collaboration that provides centralised team access to project data.

  • 500 GB cloud storage per user
  • View, comment, and markup features
  • Keep track of version history
  • Web and Mobile access to BIM models

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