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Digital Construction Live 2021

Pentagon BIM Consultants speaks at Digital Construction Live 2021 Conference.

The team of experienced BIM Consultants partnered with this year's only virtual event for Digital Construction in Northern Ireland to lead the discussion on assets, controlling documents and information management while providing insight into how we have helped our clients. 

The panel members consisted of Eamon Morgan, Managing Director, Matt McVicker, Senior Engineering Data Management Account Manager, and James Herron, Senior BIM Consultant who delved into common project issues experienced by our clients. These hurdles ranged from data management and asset handover to the flow of information, touching on the solutions and digitised processes they implemented to help our clients deliver.  

At Pentagon Solutions, digital workflows are not something new to how we operate. The senior management team have been working in highly regulated industries for over 25 years, where metadata, asset and document management integration is critical and wanted to share their experiences at DCL 2021.

The team enjoyed being a part of this event and sharing key messages to help the industry reach the next level of its digital journey.

BIM is core to our business as we provide consultancy throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe, for Clients, Contractors, Designers, and the full Supply Chain. Our BIM consultancy objective is to ensure organisations gain measured benefits by adopting digital workflows. Pentagon train, consult and advise on 'real-world' BIM.