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Digital construction, data management & asset management seminar

CPD Certified BIM evening seminar in our Belfast office.

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Pentagon BIM Consultant's first attempt at an evening BIM seminar was a great success with many key players within Northern Ireland's construction industry gathering to discuss OIR, AIM & EIM. The seminar was aimed primarily at Clients, particularly those involved with Facilities Management, Commissioning and Handover activities. 

This seminar marks the first in a series of CPD certified evening seminars on digital construction, data management and asset management which you can register for online today:

Seminar Two – Digital Construction, Common Data Environment and Security (26th October)

The second seminar is aimed at those managing and controlling data/information throughout the delivery of BIM projects. It will also address security concerns they may have about sharing project information.

Seminar Three - Do Successful BIM projects need an Information Manager? (10th November)

The third Seminar addresses a frequently misunderstood role in BIM projects - the Information Manager. What is expected of this Client-appointed role and how can their influence drive digital delivery traction and project success? 

Please Note: Each seminar is priced at £25 & VAT pp 

Registration: 17:30-18:00

Time: 18:00-19:30

Location: Pentagon BIM Consultants Offices

For more details or for early registration fill out the form below:

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