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BSI - ACP Membership

We are now part of the BSI Associate Consultant Programme (ACP) supporting BIM.

We provide consultancy to help organisations on their digital journey to achieve BSI certification. 


In alignment with ISO Standards such as ISO 19650-2:2018, ISO 19650:2018 and BS 1192-4, we advise on three distinct aspects:

  • Consult with PEOPLE
  • Review PROCESSES

We visit the client at their offices and conduct a series of consultations with all relevant staff.

BSI Kitemark for design and construction

Our BIM Consultants provide a  Pre-assessment Analysis Report specific to the criteria required in achieving Accreditation with the BSI Group. The accreditation is specific to the client’s discipline and supply chain standing, thus determining the type of accreditation attainable. Our Gap analysis is unique to the client's requirements and aligned with the type of accreditation criteria.