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BlueCielo Wins Offshore Excellence Award

Best Offshore Focused Software Provider

BlueCielo has been awarded the title of “Best Offshore Focused Software Provider” in the 2015 Offshore Excellence Awards.

The Offshore Excellence Awards examine companies offering professional services to the offshore industry, recognizing excellence and the world’s leading innovators.Finalists are chosen based on nomination votes by peers and clients, and the winners are selected based on merit, in-house research done by Acquisition International and the supporting evidence presented per nomination.

Pentagon Solutions is the leading provider in the UK & Ireland of BlueCielo Meridian Engineering Content Management (ECM) & Engineering Data or Document Management (EDM) software solutions to help Control, Manage & Share Engineering Documents, Drawings & Data.

5 of the 10 world’s largest Oil & Gas companies choose BlueCielo – find out why

BlueCielo for the Oil & Gas industry provides 24/7 access to accurate information from any location via local, hosted or Cloud solutions. We combine scalable Asset Information Management technology with industry best practices for regulatory compliance, zero-defect handovers and a full audit trail to ensure you always have confidence and control.

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