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BIM Level 2 Hands On Workshop

Another successful Pentagon BIM Workshop

We have designed an exclusive & ground breaking 3 day hands on workshop executing a BIM level 2 compliant project from conception to handover. 

The workshops are led by our BIM Consultancy Director (David Gawley) & fellow Senior BIM Consultant (James Herron) with only 10 places available per course! The project is developed over the 3 days generating documentation, information models all controlled through a Common Data Environment. Due to it's initial success, with attendees from Quinn Building Products, RPS GroupWindell becoming BIM certified, we have continued to offer a series of BIM Workshops in the UK & Ireland available for registration HERE

Brief Outline:
This practical workshop creates a BIM project covering the people, process and technology, but it’s as important to know how to prescribe and deliver L2. On this unique event you will nd out how a project starts from the employer’s needs, through contractors response to delivery and handover. Project roles and responsibilities will be assigned developing the project and information model through key stages. The project will present a worked example covering the core L2 requirements: 

1. Employer’s requirements and needs.
2. How Industry should respond to BIM requirements and evaluation of the proposed approach.
3. BIM Execution plans (pre and post contract).
4. Data and model creation from separate discipline specic models using BIM and aggregation tools.
5. Using the tools to make informed decisions.
6. Working in a Common Data Environment.
7. How to work to the framework documents, standards and protocols.
8. L2 deliverables – graphical and non-graphical data such as native les, COBie and IFC. This course is for clients, manufacturers, designers and supplier chain.


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