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Due to impact of the COVID-19 virus Autodesk has decided to postpone the changes for multi-user subscriptions to 7th August 2020.

However, please note that the following is not changing:

  • 16th April 2020 - last release and end of renewal of Design & Creation Suites
  • 6th May 2020 - M2S (Move to Subscription) offer ends
  • 7th May 2020 - Maintenance renewal prices increase with 20%

Autodesk has just recently announced the exciting news that they are launching new plans based on people and retiring plans based on serial numbers.

What does this mean for you?

Expect a more relevant user experience; more efficient collaboration, more constructive insights and more time-saving convenience.

Transition to Named User Brainshark Presentation -- Artifakt (1).png

How do I transition to named user plans?

We'll provide you with the best trade-in path to a named user subscription experience at your first renewal date. If you have a network maintenance plan or multi-user subscription, at your first renewal only, after May 7, 2020 trade-in one seat or subscription for two subscriptions for one named user each at a cost consistent with what you pay today. 

For standalone maintenance, at your first renewal before May 7, 2021, you can trade in one seat for one subscription at a cost consistent with what you pay today. 

Overview Video: Moving to Plans for People - Autodesk

What’s Retiring & When?

From 7th August 2020, plans will be launched based on people for businesses of all sizes to begin retiring plans based on serial numbers.

This means that by transitioning our maintenance and multi-user subscriptions to new named user plans, you will then be able to unlock significant benefits, and in the future, at a cost that is consistent with what you pay today!

New Trade-In Offers*

For customers who own a subscription with multi-user access or maintenance, at your first renewal after May 7, 2020, we’ll help you transition to a plan for named users through trade-in offers that keep your costs consistent today and predictable to 2028*.

Customers trading in a multi-user subscription or network maintenance seat is eligible for the maintenance trade-in. 

At first renewal, after May 7, 2020, they can trade-in one multi-user subscription or network maintenance seat for two standard subscriptions at a similar SRP they’re paying today for their existing seat. 

For example, if you have 20 multi-user subscriptions, you can trade them in for 40 standard subscriptions for 40 named users at a similar price to what you're paying today. Then, renew seats at an ongoing discount to 2028. 


Contact the team for a trade-in quote or more details. 

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