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And the winner is...

Pentagon's Managing Director presents an award for Cliftonville Ladies Player of the Year Awards.

Pentagon's Managing Director, Eamon Morgan, got suited and booted to present the award "Young Player of the Year"  at the Cliftonville Ladies Player of the Year Awards.

As proud sponsors of the team over the years, it was an honour to be invited to attend and present at the gala occasion at the Europa Hotel.

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

At Pentagon, we are passionate about supporting local youth sports teams to help foster the development of key skills that transfer to the workplace. We ensure it is part of our social responsibility initiative to continuously sponsor local boys' and girls' teams to promote gender equality, mental well-being and the importance of teamwork. We create transparency by recording all of our sponsorships and supporting the teams throughout their sporting seasons through new kits, social media and events. 

We are always open to more sponsorship opportunities so feel free to reach out to the team to discuss.