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2020: A Year of Collaboration!

Our BIM Consultancy Team shares 2020 successes!

What a year 2020 was … the Pentagon BIM Consultancy team were engaged in dozens of high-level projects ensuring efficiencies for our clients through professional service delivery. 
A quick snapshot of the projects we delivered in 2020 include the: 
  • Quality metric dashboard for asset owners
  • Process help to improve speed, accuracy, and quality for mechanical and electrical contractors models
  • Implementation of project workflows – reducing RFI’s, improving efficiencies between and increasing quality.
  • Integration of Data– Models, Asset Information and GIS data – enabling visual aspect and reporting of planned maintenance.
  • Model creation.
  • Information Management.
  • BIM GAP Analysis, BIM policy’s, Standard operating procedures.
  • Project support and assistance. 

Do you want any help in these areas in 2021?