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A Day with Your Engineering Data

Share a full day of FREE analysis and training with an expert

About the Program

“A Day with Your Engineering Data” brings one of our expert industry consultants to your organisation for a full day to help analyse your current data management issues and show you how your data would operate in Meridian Portal, the only cloud-based solution that offers organisations full collaboration with their entire supplier network without giving direct access to the internal master data and workflows.

Spend a day with us and let us show you how easy it can be to track deliverables and stay compliant and in better control of your document flow throughout a project. 

Why Should You Participate?

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  • Gain accurate visibility and overview of your projects
  • Find efficient collaboration with internal and external stakeholders
  • Discover online review and approval traceability
  • Benefit from full audit trail for users and documents
  • Enjoy easy data handover in all phases of the asset lifecycle
  • Gain unlimited access to Meridian Portal for an entire week
  • Learn from a complementary session with a seasoned industry business consultant who will walk you through how your data would operate in the Meridian Portal 
How Does This Work?
  • Load:  At the beginning of the day, our team will upload a subset of your data into Meridian Portal and assign project participants and roles.
  • Analyse:  After uploading your data, our industry expert consultant will analyse your business process and utilise best practices to upload, verify, review, update and approve your data in real time.
  • Present:  After analysing your business processes, we will provide a demonstration to you and your stakeholders. We believe that you will see the immediate benefits of having Meridian Portal in place. 
Use Meridian Portal for a Week – for Free!

After the “Day with Your Engineering Data” is complete, you will receive one week of unlimited access to Meridian Portal!



Register now for “A Day with Your Engineering Data.”  We look forward to working with you!


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